Boys and Girls Club

Board of Directors

Our Club Board of Directors creates clubs vision, plans programs, develops funding, and more. We are looking for experienced people who are invested in this community’s youth and are excited about being a key component of this organization. If you are interested in becoming a board member please fill out an application and email it to Bruce LeClaire at

Our Board

Laura Sanchez- President

“I have lived and worked in the Ignacio community since 1992. I’ve been happily married for the past 29 years, a mother of three and a grandmother of three. I enjoy crafts and spending time with my family. I’ve worked for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe for the past 27 years in various roles. My current role being the TERO Career Coordinator, where I’ve been able to work with the Boys and Girls club staff and volunteer for various BGC events. For as long as I’ve been involved in BGC my family has too, often helping with fundraising and other events. My goal as a board member is to assist the club members and staff in flourishing and continue their mission.”




Edward Box III- Vice President

“Maykh, tʉʉ’ayaqh ‘ʉmʉy pʉnikyaku̠.  Nʉnay nia Edward Burch Box III.  Greetings, it is good to see you.  My name is Edward Burch Box, III.  I was raised here in Ignacio, CO and am a Southern Ute Tribal Member.  I am the grandson of the Late Eddie Box, Sr., and Dorothy Burch Box.  I am the son of Eddie and Betty Box.  I was raised in our Ute Traditions and Culture.  I am currently employed with the Tribe as the Food Distribution Specialist. I am a former BGC Board Member and have returned to serve again. 

I strongly believe that our youth are our future, and I want to be there to support their growth into adult hood in a positive way.”




Nathan Strong Elk- Treasurer

“My name is Nathan Strong Elk, Jr.  I am formally known as Nathan Winder, Jr. I have a Master of Business Administration, four daughters, two sons, one grandson and married.  I am a Landman, a certified addictions technician, former Museum Director, advocate for children, Ute Language teacher and passed into the US Navy in 1984 but got discharged because I chose to take care of my wife who was pregnant.  My passion and desire are to empower our young people, children so that they can reach their fullest potential and to attain their dreams.  I believe in the formula impact for success factors for the Boys and Girls Club and in our vision and mission.

I am a board member of the Old Spanish Trails Association, Southern Ute Native American Church member, Southern Housing Board member.  I believe in working for the “land and Earth and people that we serve.”   Lastly, I am a leadership Graduate of TIospaye and with that being said, “I am a passionate, loving and forgiving Leader.”  Being in service is my desire to keeping faith, hope and charity as a foundation to our Native American Cultural traditions and way of life.”


Jason Hotchkiss

Jason Hotchkiss is a long-time resident of La Plata County.  He is Currently the Director of Development for the Tribal Adaptive Organization whose mission is to use sports as a tool to improve the health and wellness of Native Americans with disabilities.  Jason has been involved with numerous nonprofit projects in Indian Country.  His children were participants in the Southern Ute Boys and Girls Club since its inception.  Jason hopes to help SUBGC continue to grow and thrive in its mission through organizational structuring and fundraising.





Hilda Burch

“Having been raised on the Southern Ute Reservation and off the reservation during my younger years, I have a strong relationship with my culture when it comes to teaching who I am. Upon my return home in 1995, I have worked for the Southern Ute Tribe, starting at the old Sky Ute Casino for 10 yrs. in various positions and currently with Southern Ute Tribe’s TERO Division. I am a former BGC Board member when it was first being developed and have returned to be of service to the Southern Ute Boys and Girls Club. I have seen many family members children proceed thru the club, growing and thriving as the Mission states.

Growing up we didn’t have a BGC, we had summer school programs and those were what kept us outside, learning and understanding our selves and our social skills while our families worked. My contribution to BGC is to see the children enjoy what is offered by the program, the community to flourish in harmony and with my hindsight to assist the BGC program, community and children.”


Amy Barry

Southern Ute Tribal Member, resident of Ignacio, Colorado, and Ignacio High School Alumni. Amy has been involved in the Tribal Government including a 3-year term on the Southern Ute Tribal Council, and Executive Officer for the Tribe’s Permanent Fund under the Late Chairman Jimmy Newton Jr. for a three-year term managing the tribal government and professional portfolio. She continues to work for the Southern Ute Tribe in collaboration with its entities for over 20 years in various tribal departments, providing services to the Southern Ute tribal membership and tribal community. Currently serving as the Tribal Information Services Director.

Amy also serves as the PIO, for the Southern Ute Incident Management Team, who is tasked with managing the COVID-19 pandemic for the health and safety of the Southern Ute Tribe and its membership.

Her youth focused activities include volunteering as a coach for Ignacio High School Volleyball team and for the Southern Ute tribal community; and being highly involved with her three children and two granddaughters.

Robin Duffy-Wirth

“I grew up on the south side of Chicago and attended University of Illinois on a full scholarship for diving. After I retired my amateur status I dove professionally performing in shows in Europe as a water clown and diving from 75 feet. I met my husband of 36 years in Holland and lived in his home country of Switzerland for 9 years. We then moved to Forest Lakes, Bayfield and have lived there for 27 years.  I have worked in areas that serve children for most of my adult life; from Manager of the Bayfield Family Center/Afterschool Program for 4 years, 10 years on the Bayfield Schoolboard, to working at SunUte for the past 18 plus years. There is nothing more important to me than ensuring the safety and emotional wellbeing of our next generation allowing them to adapt and thrive in our world.”



Raymond Baker

A member of the Sothern Ute Indian Tribe, Mr. Baker grew up in the Durango, CO area and enlisted into the Navy in 1985, commissioned as a Naval Officer by the President of the U.S. in 2004 and is a graduate from Mustang University. He severed our Country for over 30 years as a Deep-Sea Diver and led/managed over twelve forward deployed missions worldwide for numerous national security line items and joint NATO operations worldwide. Twelve years of his time in the Navy was working for the Chief of Naval Operations for Special Projects, where he was the Officer-in-Charge of the most decorated diving command in U.S. military history, which is the same command he received his commission from.

After the Navy, he was employed with the Southern Ute Growth Fund as a Safety Officer and also served as the Executive Director. Raymond is now currently retired and spends his off-time volunteering as the Vice-Commander of the Southern Ute Veterans Association, Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s Board of Ethics Board Member, Adaptive Sports Association, Veteran of Foreign Wars, American Legion and an active Elks Club member. For his leisure time activities, he enjoys the outdoors (hiking/camping/fly fishing/hunting) and re-designs/fabricates historical diving equipment that has been sold throughout the world.