Boys and Girls Club

Board of Directors

Our Club Board of Directors creates clubs vision, plans programs, develops funding, and more. We are looking for experienced people who are invested in this community’s youth and are excited about being a key component of this organization. If you are interested in becoming a board member please fill out an application and email it to Bruce LeClaire.

Our Board

Nathan Strong Elk- President

“My name is Nathan Strong Elk, Jr.  I am formally known as Nathan Winder, Jr. I have a Master of Business Administration, four daughters, two sons, one grandson and married.  I am a Landman, a certified addictions technician, former Museum Director, advocate for children, Ute Language teacher and passed into the US Navy in 1984 but got discharged because I chose to take care of my wife who was pregnant.  My passion and desire are to empower our young people, children so that they can reach their fullest potential and to attain their dreams.  I believe in the formula impact for success factors for the Boys and Girls Club and in our vision and mission.

I am a board member of the Old Spanish Trails Association, Southern Ute Native American Church member, Southern Housing Board member.  I believe in working for the “land and Earth and people that we serve.”   Lastly, I am a leadership Graduate of TIospaye and with that being said, “I am a passionate, loving and forgiving Leader.”  Being in service is my desire to keeping faith, hope and charity as a foundation to our Native American Cultural traditions and way of life.”

Laura Sanchez- Vice President

“I have lived and worked in the Ignacio community since 1992. I’ve been happily married for the past 28 years, a mother of three and a grandmother of three. I enjoy crafts and spending time with my family. I’ve worked for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe for the past 27 years in various roles. My current role being the TERO Career Developer, where I’ve been able to work with the Boys and Girls club staff and volunteer for various BGC events. I currently sit on their board of directors as the Vice President as well as the Financial Development committee chair. My goal as a board member is to assist the club members and staff in flourishing and continue their mission.”

Oolcu Buckskin- Treasurer

“I grew up on the Southern Ute Indian Reservation and this community is my heart and my home. I am a Fort Lewis alumna and I have experience working within the tribe for various departments since 2000. My passion for volunteering with our community includes previous duties on the SUCAP Board of Directors and currently with the PAG for the Southern Ute Indian Montessori Academy, as well as supporting other community youth groups and events. I enjoy serving on the board because I believe in the mission of the club and the emphasis on cultural awareness that the Southern Ute Boys and Girls Club strives to maintain. I also want to make sure there is continuous support for the club by actively helping to build a positive community by giving the youth opportunities and an environment needed to learn and grow into healthy, successful adults.”

Kayla Wing- Secretary


Barb Fjerstad

Born and raised in the southwest Barb spends her time hiking and riding horses, kayaking lakes and rivers, and spending time with her family. Her family traveled the world in the early 70’s and lived in Australia for two years. Barb Fjerstad has been in education since 1992 when she became licensed to teach. She graduated with honors from Fort Lewis College with a BA in American History in 1992. Barb attained her Masters Degree in Liberal Studies/Social Sciences in 2005 from Fort Hays University. During her years as an educator she taught grades 7-12 Language Arts, Geography, U.S History, World History, Southwest Studies, Civics, Swimming and Outdoor Education. She became licensed as a school administrator in 2017. Ms. Fjerstad has been a principal for three years for the Ignacio School District.

McKayla Lee