Boys and Girls Club

After School Programs

Afterschool Program Hours

Monday- Thursday club is open afterschool to 6:30pm.
Friday- Check in: 7:30am-8:30am and check out by 5:30pm.
During our Afterschool program our club members are separated into groups. Each group rotates between 4 core areas throughout the week. This school year we will implement programming in 6 program blocks each ranging from 5-6 weeks.
Power Hour is a program implemented in clubs across the states. The program goal is to increase academic success to better prepare club youth to enter the workforce and higher education institutions with the skills needed.
This year we have implemented our own Power Hour program. Everyday the club members have the option if they want to attend, where they work on homework, reading or worksheets to get points. Reading and homework from school gives them the most points to help encourage our club members to take an active role in their education. Once a month we open the Power Hour store where they can use their points to buy prizes!

Friday All Day Club

Fridays will be jam packed with activities and FUN!! We will be open on Fridays for All Day Club, please check the calendar for any changes.  Club members will have the chance to go swimming every Friday, so make sure to bring their swimsuit AND towel.

*All calendars are subject to change at any time.