Boys and Girls Club

Teen Intern Program

Teen Intern Program

The Teen Internship Program is a work-based learning program that helps teens build workforce readiness skills. This hands-on learning provides opportunities for teens to develop real world work experience by, developing relationships with adult mentors, and fulfill other policies such as dress codes, ethic codes, behavior, and more. This program not only molds the young professional’s core values but also provides a venue of acceptance and responsibility among their peers and the Boys & Girls Club “family.”

BGCSU offers a safe space for teens to gain job readiness employability by first filling out an application, completing mandatory trainings and then following a volunteer “work” schedule. Teen Interns also develop their work portfolio in the process; Portfolios include training certificate, resumes, reference letters, and their volunteer hour tracking sheet.

If you would like to apply, come to the Boys and Girls Club Office and we will get you an application.

Teens 13-17 years of age can apply:

  • 13-15: Does not work directly with youth, instead will do office/snack duties.
  • 15-17: Will working with youth but will always be partnered with an adult staff member.

** All Teen Interns need to be registered club members and the Internship program is strictly volunteer